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Jillian Barrile Photography specializes in creating natural and authentic photographs that capture the personality traits of my clients with their own unique style. My mission is to help you express your self which helps me connect you to your truest self through creative story telling. I start off every session with a consultation in order to learn more about you, understand your vision, and create a dynamic collaboration for both my clients & myself. When I discover your truest self I'm able to hear and see the stories you want to tell, whether it's about your relationships, business, overcoming adversity or a mixture of both. I want to help you tell these wonderful stories through my professional photography services!
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Personal Branding

I personally believe that branding photography should tell an authentic story about your company that is clear, concise and easy to understand. High-quality photos are vital for showcasing your company's products and services in their best light. Professionally taken photographs of your materials in use can be used on social media or as part of marketing campaigns to convince consumers why they should purchase them. When booking a branding photo session with me you will end up capturing a lot more sales by helping sway your consumers towards deciding your product is worth buying.
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Wedding Photography

I am very passionate about my wedding photography sessions because I understand these photos will last a lifetime. It's my responsibility to create memories for couples to cherish for the rest of their lives together, and it's truly amazing when newly weds trust me with this beautiful day. I feel just as invested in the wedding as the couple getting married which can promise a wonderful photography experience. Contact me today if you're looking to capture the joy on your partners or your face as you say "I do" or even emotional moments from your guests. Investing in wedding photography is one of the most romantic investments that newly married couples can make.
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Boudoir Empowerment

Boudoir is about empowerment. These photo sessions are about women who don't let society define what beauty means for them. With self-love and confidence, they take back control of how they feel and present themselves to the world. Boudoir photography encourages such a mindset by making a woman her own personal expert with the goal of prompting her to embrace herself from within.
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Why I Want to Connect You to Your Truest Self?


67% of consumers find quality of product photos "very important"
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32% of marketers state images are the most important aspect for their job


93% of photographers don't perform wedding photography

My Unique Photography Experience

Jillian Barrile Photography is a Buffalo, NY based photography studio that focuses on capturing timeless and emotion driven portraits for all of our photography services. These professionally crafted portraits help express your personality with your friends & families. I'm able to capture these emotions through my specialized services which includes bridal, boudoir, and personal branding photography. Aside from my main photography services there are plenty of other photography sessions that I offer for Buffalo, NY so don't hesitate to contact me today. I can also capture timeless photos through unique photography services that will cover all types of special events throughout our community. My specialty is to make people feel happy with themselves through my images- truthful fun moments we all can remember for years to come! You can connect with us through social media, email or by phone. Can’t wait to meet you!
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