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Date: December 23, 2021

I Booked My Boudoir Session! Now What?

So you did it? You booked my Boudoir Session!
I am sooo excited for you!
I personally wanted to put together this little prep guide to help you get ready for your session in order to make it the best, most amazing, ridiculously awesome experience you have been looking for. Scroll on to check out our tips!

What can YOU start doing right now…

  • First! Start stretching out those back and shoulder muscles so that you will be less sore for your session!! Trust me, if you booked my boudoir session it is a workout like no other!
  • Join the Boud-y Central VIP Facebook Group and ask questions to our past boud-y babes or just share your excitement and partake in some daily empowerment!
  • Check out our Welcome guide to help you sort your wardrobe, get into the right frame of mind, and get to know the space.
A women lying on a bed with red lingerie during a boudoir photography sessions

1 Week Out

A women lying on a bed with black high heels on and in lingerie for a boudoir photography session
  1. Drink lots of water! It will make your skin glow!
  2. Are you planning to wax? Do any waxing or intense hair removal that you feel necessary at least 1 week out.
  3. Start to finalize your lingerie pieces. Remember, that you can bring as much as you want and if you aren’t sure about anything, I am happy to help you go through and select the items that will look the best in photographs!

The Day Before

a women lying on the floor reading a book in lingerie who booked my boudoir session
  1. Pack your bag
    • Lingerie
    • Stockings
    • Heels
    • Jewelry
  2. Get a good night’s sleep (Maybe try a meditation)
  3. Map out location (567 Exchange St #202, Buffalo, NY 14210) Feel free to park in the back parking lot. Street parking is also free all the time. Use the entrance off the driveway to enter the building. I will be there to greet you when you get here!

And of Course... Get Excited!

The Day Of Your Boudoir Session

Back view of a women in lingerie posing on a fur carpet
  1. Eat a good breakfast- you're going to need your energy for your photo shoot. Trust me getting your photo taken can be a lot of work!
  2. Do some light stretching, especially for your lower back!
  3. Come with NO makeup on as well as loose clothing. You also want to come commando to prevent lines in your skin.

NOW! Let us pamper you!

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