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Date: October 27, 2022

The Coven - A Witchy Boudoir Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a boudoir shoot with a wicked twist. We brought together eleven mesmerizing women, each adding to the other's ethereal witchy vibes. Last year was "The Purge", and this year we stepped it up a notch to "The Coven". This shoot is for the modern witch who's in control, seductive, and spellbinding in her own mysterious ways.

We started the evening by painting the scene with sage and setting up candles and props. This created an immediate sense of mysticism and set the tone for the night. From there, we moved into setting up the tarot spread and getting our pots and potions ready. The whole time, the ladies kept themselves busy casting hexes from grimoires and performing rituals.

Both lanterns and candles illuminated the evening, the scent of potions brewing and sage burning filled the air, and sounds of seances and witchcraft broke the still quiet as night approached. Those who dared to look were met with sights of seductive eyes, lace, bubbling pots, and divining tarot; a sense of mysticism and sensualism reigned as each woman embraced her inner enchantress.

As I captured each woman's unique and powerful energy, it was clear that being a witch is not just about spells and potions, but about embracing one's own power and femininity. These women owned their strength and their sexuality, casting a spell on all who gaze upon their photos.

The atmosphere was electric! Each woman brought her own sensuality and eroticism to the table, making for some truly stunning and artistic photos! We captured moments of them performing seances, reading tarot cards, and brewing potions. It was a magical night, and we're so thrilled with how these photos turned out.

All in all, it was an incredible shoot. We laughed, danced, dabbled in witchcraft, and (hopefully) changed the whims of fate. These women came together to create something special, something bewitching; some may say the results were absolutely spellbinding! This album inspires and empowers us all to embrace our inner sorceress and own our power as women.

Thanks again to the amazing team that made this second annual Halloween shoot come to life!

Until next time, my lovelies!