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Photography is a powerful brand-building tool. Whether it's for personal brand photography or marketing, professional photos help build trust within your audience. Branding photography is an investment in your brand that pays off long term with increased revenue and customer loyalty. Creating brand awareness and brand identity is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and foresight to be able to create brand recognition that sticks with consumers.

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Let's Understand Personal Branding

Personal branding is a visual representation of your business's brand that allows your clients to recognize and connect with your individuality, values, and story. It creates personal connections with your clients and customers. Your online presence is everything. It's important that when defining personal branding for yourself, or someone else, there needs to be a clear idea in place that properly gets the message across. Person Branding Photography has the ability to connect you with your audience in a new way while also creating a more visual experience along side your quality products + service.
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Our Branding Photography Process

I love working with locally owned small businesses in and around Buffalo, NY. Every client is different, and I like to know exactly what it takes for them stand out from their competition. The way that I start a branding photography session isn't anything you've seen before - let me show you how this process works!
Inspiration & Planning for Branding Photography
I like to start by getting to know your business. What are the products or services you offer? Why should people come back again and again? How can I help make your brand stand out from competitors in Buffalo, NY? I will craft a unique professional brand identity for your business. We will work together to create a story that can be told through the images I capture of your interior, exterior, products, or employees so your customers know exactly what to expect when they interact with your company.
Direct Consultation
I offer personal consultations with business owners in and around Buffalo, NY to discuss their branding needs. When you hire me for branding photography, I will help you understand the benefits of a personal branding photography sessions and what we can do to implement the photos into your marketing strategy. Personal brand photography is one of the best ways I can help you spread awareness of your brand.
The Branding Photography Session
When it comes time to take brand-related photos, I like to take my time and work closely with you to effectively tell a story about your company. I will create branding photography that is personal, authentic, and relevant to your company. I will take personal shots of employees for your team page on your website. I can also take photos of tangible products in an environment with branding throughout the background to give customers a sense of what it's like when interacting with your business. If your business is a place your customers can visit, I will also have photos of your building to look inviting to those who want to come inside.
The Results
After a branding photography shoot, you'll have beautifully captured images of your business and the people who make it what it is. I will provide retouched photos for use on your website or social media channels in any size you need. You can also purchase prints as well! Don't forget, I offer yearly, quarterly, and monthly branding sessions to help keep your brand looking fresh and up to date. So even though we are done with this session, there will need to be more in the future to keep your brand relevant!

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Does anyone else just get totally turned on by storms? 

Idk, if it this puttering of the raindrops hitting the window, and the gusts of wind that’s are strong enough to shake the house- but the way they start off slowly, with this dance, back and forth, feeling each other and leaning in, until 💥 bam, they meet and crash so intensely into each other that it  leaves  goosebumps on my skin. 😌
Reframe || Even if you feel like things are happening to you, trust that they are really happening for you and that on the other side is your high, more aligned self.
Kickin it wayyyy back today! And indulging in a night of feet up, head back, mouth open satisfaction. 

I’m talking, piles of snacks in the recliner watching a million movies. What else were you thinking 🫣😂
Oh 🍯! 

Thank you for showing up as all of you! Every single part and nothing missing. The darks, lights and in between. I want it alll! 

💋: @ethereaartistry
Surrender to it.
Don’t numb out.
F  E  E  L
Till you crack. crack. crack. open.
Taste that ooey gooey center.
Polish that gold. 
Sit on that thrown, sis.
You have arrived.
An empowered women doesn’t disempower a man to be masculine. If anything she wants to weave in and out of him, strength his connection to himself and melt into his strength so she can fully let go, feel safe, and create with the purest of intentions. Together their intimacy deepens.

Are you ready? 

Did you drink your water ✔️
Did you stretch ✔️
Did you set an intention for your session ✔️

Let’s do this!
Hey! You can do this! 

If you desire to connect to a deeper part of yourself, breath into the present moment, tap into your sensual side, + let go of all expeditions of what I should do, look, and feel like…

 Then ur ready for this.

I am here to meet you where you are, and to keep bringing you to your edge, over and over again.
Nothing like a string of pearls ⚪️
I want to share some advice I just gave to a client coming in this week for her shoot. 

She’s not feeling herself at the moment- disconnect from her body, lacking identify, + so nervous. 

Can u relate? ❤️

I can. The last week, I have been feel so tired, uninspired, and slowwww. I accepted that, and gave myself the space to feel that way- rested, didn’t make any big decisions, and sat back a little bit. 

And then I noticed it, the urge to re-emerge, to create, to activate!! But I had to be soo patient with myself and listen to my intuition on what I actually needed. 

So when I was met with this clients concerns (this mirror) I answered and realized, I also needed to do these things for me. So After my shower, I took the time to lotion my entire body with care, noticing the dry and tender spots and giving a little extra love. 

With this gesture, I invited my feminine energy to awaken, to nourish her and connect with her. 

This might sound a little strange to some, but usually when we are feeling a lack, anxiety, frustration, whatever- it’s our body trying to tell us- listen, u have everything u need inside of you, take a second to hear what it is. And when it doesn’t come right away, keep listening. 

It’s hard advice to take sometimes, but the magic + intuitive hits that will come, will be gold because it will come from the soul. 

So, today I want u to take 5 min to put lotion on ur body, touch your skin and notice what happens. Report back! And let me know what emerges for u.
Wishing you a satisfying Saturday 🔥
Take a pause.
Connect to one another.
Melt into the rawness of each other 
Surrender to love 
Relish in your desires 
Then allow me to offer you some advice: Take a thousand, naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, "Oh, I'm too spooky." Or, "Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies." But, believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, "Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!" - Moira Rose, Schitt’s Creek
Don't be a slave to LOVE- 

Harness it, operate from it, + ooze with it. 

Love flows from you.

Happy Valentines Day, lovers. I hope today is a reminder to keep giving yourself the love you've always wanted.
Last week, I walked myself through some chaos, discomfort, and major stretching. xx

In the moment, I hated it, I retracted and my animal instinct to destroy took over. Xx

I recognized what my body was telling me, so I sat in it, felt every one of the emotions + turbulence swirling around my body. Xx

And then I knew, I had to let it happen, the crumble, to let it all break open. Xx

This morning I woke up with aliveness vibrating throughout my entire body. The aliveness I was feeling was nothing less then ecstasy. Xx

These are the things that happen when u live in full alignment, you start to make love to your own life. Sometimes that love is holding yourself close and resting. Other times it come out in full vibrancy. Xx

I am thankful for the experience because I know life is happening for me, not to me. I am also beyond thankful for my mentor @thevenuslegacy for her continued support as I come more and more alive to myself with every thing I am creating, walking through, or experiencing . Xx

I don’t know how to start this. 

Maybe this, fits… 

Have you ever gotten stuck in one of those revolving doors? Where you just start moving faster, getting dizzier, and can’t seem to jump out at the right time. And your stuck between the in and the out. 

Its the void really right? The in-between right before the next thing- and it feels a little sticky, nauseating even. But you knowing the euphoria  that’s going to ooze out is coming. 

And so, I have been walking myself through it, the void, the in between, the bridge all week. Celebrating while also shifting + holding myself as I feel deeper into my heart. 

Here is where we find our truth, our ooey gooey center, our gold. This is where we break open to let the light in. We surrender to the middle because we know without it we can’t ever land at our next elevation.
Been curled up on the couch sick most of the day watching lots of cartoons with my little love 💕 

Butttttt I wanted to come on and say HOLY COW! WE have booked over 15 shoots in the last week for this first part of the year! 

I am BEYOND grateful! and also! SO FREAKING EXCITED for all of the Women + Men doing this to celebrate + love on themselves. 

It makes my heart so happy- because the ripple effect it is going to have in their lives and the people around them is going to be EXTRODINARY!

Let’s celebrate them- can I get a whoop whoop!?!? 🙌
Traveling + retreats

Last week, I was gifted a hotel room in Niagara Falls for me and Isaac to go, swim and relax. I was excited but anticipation that the trip was going to be more tiring than relaxing. Traveling with a toddler is a whole different experience but we were making it happen anyway! 

✨ Then, last min a spa appointment opened up, massage, sauna, and access to a whirlpool. The exact indulgence and nurturing I had been craving. This was followed up by ordering room service and watching cartoons u till bed.

🌿And let me tell u, this was exactly what I needed.

🏡I came home feeling calm, vibrating with joy, and confidence. I felt like even though I was only gone for 24 hours I got a little bit of my sparkle back, which I have been really missing. 

💛Ever since I was 6 months old, I have been on the move. From flights across the country to long road trips to the mountains that value of exploration became deeply embedded into my being. 

🧭As I got older, I started to get more adventurous, traveling alone, and extensive stays around the world. I learned that I feel most like me when I’m out there

And frankly, I have been missing that. After Covid and having Isaac, travel started to feel less accessible and the ecstatic feeling of being in the road was so hard to come by. 

I have been racking my brain on, how can u make this work, when will I be able to feel like this again.

And then it hit me, I want to do this for other people too. I want others to feel this deep connecting to themselves that when they come back home they are more alive, present, and excited than they had been before. 

I have been tinkering with the idea of retreats and escapes for 7+ years ( more about that later) but now more than ever- it feels right! I can’t wait to put pen to paper and let this dream flow into reality. 

Are you here for it? Are you ready to take this journey with me? Trust me, it’s going to be a good one! 

📸 @distractionphoto
Please please more #pleasers
Go bills!!
She has an internal fire that moves her, guides her, + indulges her. 

She’s not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum, to tap into the taboo, to be different, and to make her own path. 

She sees the potential, the light in the blackness, and is the steady when everything else crumbles away. 

Her days are tones of silliness and spontaneity to deeps dives into her soul. 

She wants connection, celebration, fire, self discovery, expansion, + bliss. 

While also making an impact, engagement in deep conversation, traveling + tasting the world around her. 

Are you her?
Does this sound like you?
Anyone else feeling the effects of the cancer full moon last night?? 

So many I’ve talked to yesterday all feeling the same kind a way- emotional, drained, heavy hearted. This synchronicity is so interesting and powerful to me. To feel and acknowledge this energy collectively moving through all of our bodies, wow 💥. 

It is just a reminder to me that we are all such a part of each other, tapped into something bigger than us as individuals. 

Is that a little too deep? 

I know you all here for the sexy photos, but our bodies really are capable of so much and can catch the vibe in the collective if u want to tap into it. You feel me? So when your feeling some kind of way- don’t worry alot of times many others are feeling the same thing in their bodies too. 

✨Surrender ✨

I did not show up as my authentic self the last few days. An old, wounded version of myself showed herself in all her rage and frustration. It was strange to see her since she hasn’t been around much any more. 

This morning, I sat with her and asked, what is she doing here? What has made her re-emerge. Did I call on her? Did she have something to say?

So instead of pushing her down, I let her be there, gave her a voice, + listened. 

I surrendered….

I acknowledge her existence, her power, her rage, + her sadness. I let her exist. 

Which followed by, coming back to my deepest intentions. Consciousness, love, intention, understanding, safety. ✨Bliss✨

I decided that she could stay, but that from now on, we would intentionally act from a place of bliss, not woundedness, or shame. But from the heart. 

Have you ever found yourself going back to “the way you used to be or think?” It’s uncomfortable, bc you grew out of who that person was but they are still apart of you. 

I say, let them stay, but show them that it is safe to change and grow.

Is often something we want but can feel like it is unattainable, lustful, or to much. 

What if I told you, your desires connect you to your soul, you higher self, the next version of yourself. That when these wants tap you on the shoulder, it’s because they want to be lived out. 

How does that feel? 

What is something that you desire- this could be in this moment, this week, this year, this lifetime? 

Let’s be unapologetic about it! Claim it!!
I just made two femme led leaders millionaires!!! 🎉🎉🎉

This year, myself and a collective of others invested in mentorship +  guidance to help them on their soul led journey.

I think about mentorship, differently than coaches and business advisors. They aren’t just giving a strategy or formula for success but hold space for a person to unlock their very own set of tools, heartfull offers, + intuitive goals. 

Mentors, walk side by side with you on your journey. They, too, are going through life lessons, healing, celebrations, and transformations. They can hold your hand, because they too have gone through it. 

This year, I hit six figures in my business for the second year in a row! Right now, I want to celebrate each and every one of my clients who is also a part of that win because without your investments + trust these kinds of miracles could never happen. You followed that golden thread and took the leap.  I want to honor your trust, bravery, and inner knowing. 

Thank you for allowed me to be a leader in your life which allows me to invest in other leaders and to help them connect with even more people. 

See how that thread works!? 

This shit is freaking powerful. And I want to thank you and recognize that. 

To be part of this community feels, unbelievable! I really believe that when we collectively rise, more and more miracle can happen. 

And that magic ✨✨✨ is right at our own fingertips! 

I’m saying hella ya to 2023 and the magic it is about to bring in!

Feeling very boxed in today, anddddd so looking forward to this driving ban to be over. Granite, I don’t have anywhere to go really, but knowing I’m not suppose to, makes me feel coocoo. 

 I guess I’ll just keep browsing flights to the tropics to keep me going. ✈️
Hi, hello, how are you?! So today is my birthday and since I have a bunch of new followers here, I thought, why not do a little intro.

⭐️ Name: Jill, Jillian, Jilly, jibbs, caprice, gene(don’t ask) 
⭐️Today is my 33rd birthday! I share a birthday with Christmas- so we call it Jillmas now. 
⭐️ I am a single mama to this cool 2 y.o names isaac
⭐️ I am fascinated by metaphysics, manifestation, and star stuff. 
⭐️I love creating!! Anything really! (Fingers begin to tingle)
⭐️ I lived in Peru for a year working at a Spanish school that helped improve the lives of single Peruvian mothers. 
⭐️ I’m attracted to taboo, Tantra, pushing limits, + edges. I think that’s why boudoir is such a good fit for me. This also probably explains the amount of rides I’ve accepted from strangers when I was traveling. 🫣 Don’t tell my mom. 
⭐️ I am an only child but I have made many sisters + brothers along the way
⭐️ I love traveling + backpacking. Ive been to 3 continents so far and counting. 
⭐️ When the weathers nice, I prefer to be outside all day until I’m sunburned and tired. 
⭐️ I am a strong advocate for mental health + therapy. Please just go! Reach out if u need a recommendation. 
⭐️ I love love lovvvve running a small, heart centered business- I feel very luck to be able to do what I do everyday! My life and business truly exist as one. 


Anything your surprised about? What do we connect on? Do u have question? 

📸 @distractionphoto
Welp, Merry Christmas and go Bills! 🎅
Ok, so after last night, my question is… do we do BILLS PLAYOFF SESSIONS again this year!? 💙🏈♥️
All I need is a black wall + mirror and I’ll give you magic ✨
It’s a lay in bed all day kinda day.
Feeling electric!! ✨✨

God, life feels so lit up right now! Every part of me tells me that I’m on the right path- and I’m going to keep follow that thread, my Intuition, + crazy ideas 🤪.

This is it. Hope you are also have a magnetic Monday!
Ok boy. Something for you coming soon…

YES! we have 2 deals for all our past clients! 

Digital Download SALE

Do you wish you had access to the digital copy of the images from you album or folio box? Purchase your corresponding digitals now, for $500!

Again, feel free to DM me with you questions or purchase directly on our site! 

Last day to shop our Black Friday deal! 

And truly, I already feel so grateful for all the wonderful humans that have booked shoots with me not only for Black Friday but throughout the years! 

🖤 being a small business owner to me means I get to create and offer services that I believe can really change lives. 
🖤 I get to celebrate accomplishments + witness people stepping into new chapters of their lives
🖤 I get to watch people stretch + edge themselves towards greatness even when they are nervous, scared, or unsure and do it anyway because they know they want more for themselves. 
🖤 I get to lead a heart centered business that is full of passion, community, + inner strength.
🖤 I get to have flexibility in my life to seek new personal passions, quality time with my son, and enjoy little things. 
🖤 I get to inspire and encourage others to do the same and remind them that possibility comes when u allow it to and to snatch them up when u see them
🖤 I love being a small business owner through and through. It lights me up more than I ever thought a “job” could.  Thank you for allowing this girl to be apart of your life, however that may come.

This one is for you! I am so grafeful for everyone that has supported me over the last several years and I really wanted to do a little something for you guys too. 

So we have 2 deals going on for Black Friday just for past clients!!

The First: 8x8 Album 

If you purchased ALL of your boudoir Digital Downloads and still haven’t done anything with them yet? Now is you chance to add on an 8x8 album for $800 (50% off our regular price) 

You can DM me for details or purchase on our site. WE will set up a date to design you album ASAP! 

3 more days to shop our  Black Friday Deals!!!!


🖤Boudoir is more than just sexy photos- it is a creative experience unlike anything you have probably done before. 

🤍It allows you to express yourself in new ways, get vulnerable, + helps you step into a new, stronger, embodied version of yourself.

Boudoir celebrates you, supports you, + strengthens you.

Let's Do this: link in bio 🖤🤍
Happy snow day everyone ❄️

How are you making it through these next few days?

Boudoir + Intimacy Session In Buffalo, NY

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