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Branding Photography is a powerful brand-building tool. Whether it's for personal brand photography or a marketing campaign, professional photos help build trust within your audience. Branding photography is an investment in your brand that pays off long term with increased revenue and customer loyalty. 

Creating brand awareness and brand identity is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and foresight to be able to create brand recognition that sticks with consumers as your company grows.

Let's Understand Personal Branding

Personal branding is a visual representation of your business's brand that allows your clients to recognize and connect with your individuality, values, and story. It creates personal connections with your clients and customers.

Your online presence is everything. It's important that when defining personal branding for yourself, or someone else, there needs to be a clear idea in place that properly gets the message across.

Person Branding Photography has the ability to connect you with your audience in a new way while also creating a more visual experience along side your quality products + service.

Our Branding Photography Process

I love working with locally owned small businesses in and around Buffalo, NY. Every client is different, and I like to know exactly what it takes for them stand out from their competition. The way that I start a branding photography session isn't anything you've seen before - let me show you how this process works!
Step 1

Inspiration & Planning for Branding Photography

I like to start by getting to know your business. What are the products or services you offer? Why should people come back again and again? How can I help make your brand stand out from competitors in Buffalo, NY?

I will craft a unique professional brand identity for your business. We will work together to create a story that can be told through the images I capture of your interior, exterior, products, or employees so your customers know exactly what to expect when they interact with your company. 
I Can't Wait to Work With You
Step 2

Direct Consultation

I offer personal consultations with business owners in and around Buffalo, NY to discuss their branding needs. When you hire me for branding photography, I will help you understand the benefits of a personal branding photography sessions and what we can do to implement the photos into your marketing strategy. 

Personal brand photography is one of the best ways I can help you spread awareness of your brand. 
Step 3

The Branding Photography Session

When it comes time to take brand-related photos, I like to take my time and work closely with you to effectively tell a story about your company. I will create branding photography that is personal, authentic, and relevant to your company.

I will take personal shots of employees for your team page on your website. I can also take photos of tangible products in an environment with branding throughout the background to give customers a sense of what it's like when interacting with your business.

If your business is a place your customers can visit, I will also have photos of your building to look inviting to those who want to come inside. 
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Last step

The Results

After a branding photography shoot, you'll have beautifully captured images of your business and the people who make it what it is. I will provide retouched photos for use on your website or social media channels in any size you need. You can also purchase prints as well! 

Don't forget, I offer yearly, quarterly, and monthly branding sessions to help keep your brand looking fresh and up to date. So even though we are done with this session, there will need to be more in the future to keep your brand relevant!
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My Personal Branding Photography Pricing

I offer packages for any business large or small that is looking to capture their brand identity on camera. Experience is everything when it comes down to getting those crisp shots and These packages help you understand what is & what isn't needed for your branding photography session.
Wedding photography is an important part of your wedding and you should not forget to capture your day in a personal way. My simple wedding photography package will include everything needed for capturing those moments that make it so special!
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This is the in-between! My in-between wedding photography package will have memorable items to help you remember your beautiful day for years to come.
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The day you get married is one of the most important moments in your life and I want to capture it all for you. With my comprehensive wedding photography package, we'll be able to document absolutely everything from start to finish.
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